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Making meditation real

Many long-term meditators have had the experience. We put time and effort into meditation sometimes over many years – and the question comes up: Is it really making a difference?  We often find our way into Dharma practice because there are things we’d...

Hanging on to Impermanence!

In Buddhism, impermanence refers to the idea that everything, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest galaxy, is in a continuous state of flux, constantly arising and passing away. Things we see in our day-to-day life may appear solid and unchanging but...

What is bodhicitta?

What is this extraordinary concept of bodhichitta? It is variously translated as the mind of enlightenment, the spirit of enlightenment and the awakening mind. Maitreya explained bodhichitta in his Ornament for Clear Realisation “bodhichitta means: for the sake of...

It’s your karma!

It is common these days for people to refer to karma. People say that something is ‘good karma’ or ‘bad karma’ or ‘it’s your karma!’. In general, the idea that your actions have good and bad results beyond the immediate moment is correct, but there are probably a...

The meaning of ‘Buddha’

Yes – there is a textbook answer, which we’ll come to. But it’s more interesting to first think about what the idea of “Buddha” means for human beings in practical terms.Through self-reflection, most of us feel that we have some positive qualities and habits, and some...

Meditation – how it can help

Meditation these days is widely promoted as a way for achieving improved health and happiness. People are writing articles with advice on how to develop a meditation practice and there is a proliferation of apps to help you get started. Some say that practising 10...

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