You are welcome to join us to learn gentle Buddhist methods for developing a calm and peaceful mind and body, new approaches to the challenges of everyday life.

The introductory classes for 2023 begin at 1.30pm on Sunday 19 February.

Introduction series from Sunday 19 February to 2 April – 1.30pm
Sounds familiar…how many times have we heard this, tried to action it, but come March, it is long forgotten.
Real change and happiness need to come from within and not from our external environment.
Together, we will explore profound topics to give you insight into the current circumstances we all face and empower you to see them from a new perspective.
Over the six weeks* everyone is welcome to join class teacher, Caterina Neal. Some of the Dharma topics will include the importance of understanding suffering and delusions, also known as negative minds, and then how the remarkable step of ‘taking refuge’ can help.

These topics are from the small – medium scope of the Essence of the Path to Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism by the renowned scholar, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden.

*A break on the Labor Day weekend in March, Sun 12 March.

Buddhist philosophy and meditation classes help us:

  • Discover a healthier approach to life events
  • Rethink the approach to our challenges
  • Find energy and inner strength for action, empathy, wisdom and compassion
  • Hear a program created by the great Tibetan teacher and author, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden
  • Explore the genuine Tibetan Buddhist tradition made relevant to a modern audience, based on highly authoritative and ageless wisdom
  • Follow the course text – Geshe Loden’s remarkable work, Meditations on the Path to Enlightenment
  • Experience a magnificent traditional Tibetan temple and gardens – an oasis for meditation

All sessions will be in the magnificent traditional temple and online via the Tibetan Buddhist Society YouTube channel. All are welcome. For those on-site afternoon tea is served in the temple dining room after each session.

The facility charge for each session is $10. Registration is not required. All proceeds support maintenance of the temple and gardens. You are also welcome to attend online via the Tibetan Buddhist Society YouTube channel. Please contribute here for the online classes. All proceeds support the maintenance of the temple and 10 acre gardens.

For more info please email or phone 9333 1770.